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CalendarFor the past year and a half, we’ve done our best to post one blog entry each week to Nickle’s site. Sure, we missed a few weeks, but overall these posts have boosted web traffic and hopefully been both helpful and entertaining to our visitors. To recap, we’ve compiled a list of the top blog posts that were visited this year. A few of them are from years past and still being visited! Enjoy.


  1. 2014 Year in Review – Published December 31, 2014

Our recap of last year was super popular, claiming the top spot. Readers caught up on Nickle’s events, accomplishments, and other news for the entire year. Stay tuned, we’ll published one that covers 2015 next week.


  1. 6 characteristics of a productive toolbox talk – Published December 19, 2014

Coming in at No. 2 is a another 2014 post about making the most out of your regular toolbox talk meetings. Managers at Nickle hold toolbox talks every week to keep safety top of mind. But sometimes these regular meetings can get stale. This post gives advice on making them more engaging.


  1. Don’t ignore near misses – Published May 28, 2014

This was part of our Electrical Safety Month Series in May 2014. Safety Director Mike Anderson did a great job of highlighting the importance of paying attention to those near misses and how you can learn from them to improve safety.


  1. Nickle Elite honored for longtime dedication – Published November 13, 2015

In November, 65 Elite members were recognized for their commitment to Nickle Electrical. The Elite are employees who have been with the company for five years or more. A celebration was held at Dover Downs. This post includes a video of the event!


  1. OSHA standards & NFPA 70e regulation changes – Published May 13, 2015

This went along with our Electrical Safety Month Series in May of this year. Many changes were made to standards and regulations. In this post, Safety Director Mike Anderson outlines some of the major changes.


  1. Yes, electrical wire colors do matter – Published June 11, 2015

Who would have thought all those colors actually meant something?! Here you’ll learn exactly what each color of that wire rainbow means.


  1. Nickle shines at local excellence awards dinners – Published November 24, 2015

Typically one of our most popular posts every year, we highlight the projects that were given Excellence in Construction awards. The list for 2015 includes Ocean City Convention Center, Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, and DSU OSCAR Lab.


  1. How does your electrical panel work – Published June 5, 2015

For most homeowners, that panel in your basement, garage, or utility closet means absolutely nothing. It’s a confusing yet essential part of your home. This post gives you a basic understanding of what the panel contains.


  1. Skills reinforced at continuing education class – Published October 4, 2013

Nickle management hosts a number of continuing education classes each year, giving employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the industry. This post about conduit bending is still popular, though the class took place two years ago.


  1. 15 ways to boost employee morale and one way not to – Published September 10, 2015

It’s likely that the “one way not to” pulled most readers in, as this post came in at No. 10 on our list of top blog posts.


Of course, we will continue to update the Nickle blog every week (or almost every week) in 2016, so keep visiting for more information, news, and fun events.


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