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John DeMatteis, former president of Transit Electric, joined the Nickle team on December 2 in the service jobs division. He will hold the title of Vice President of Service. A field employee from Transit, Mike Jones, has also joined Nickle.


“I’m starting a new chapter,” DeMatteis said. “I’m looking forward to going back to doing what I do best: estimate, manage, and run just one division.”


DeMatteis has been in the electrical industry since 1974 after graduating from Dickinson High School. He completed an apprenticeship program at Delcastle Technical High School in 1978 while working at Wyman Electric. He excelled in the field and worked his way up the corporate ladder at Wyman until 1995 when he made a move to Delcollo Electric as Vice President in charge of the construction department. From 2006-2011 DeMatteis was part owner of Quantum Controls, also in charge of the construction department. And in 2011 he founded Transit Electric. DeMatteis is a member of the American Society of Professional Estimators and is on the Board of Directors for Associated Builders and Contractors Delaware.


“I’m excited to have the talent, expertise, and years of experience DeMatteis brings to our team,” said President/CEO Steve Dignan.


Nickle will be acquiring the assets of Transit Electric Company.


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