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Working in a proactive manner is one of the most important and efficient ways to complete a new job. Creating a pre-formulated strategy enables all team members to stay a step ahead, foresee potential complications and handle them without a hitch, stay on schedule, and clearly visualize the project from start to finish.


Yesterday select employees participated in a hands-on pre-planning workshop to better understand the tactical process that goes into running a project smoothly. Employees were divided into six teams comprised of a project manager, service manager, estimator, foreman, and numerous field personnel. Two teams were each provided with one project–three projects total–and were told to pre-plan the job in the areas of scheduling, material handling/staging, pre-fabrication, labor tracking, safety, best practices, and quality. Once finished, both teams presented their individual proposal to demonstrate the uniqueness of their group. Though two teams were given the same project, both shared different but suitable ideas, proving that teamwork is the best strategy.


“The only bad idea was the one you didn’t share,” said Project Manager Eric Webb. “Don’t be afraid to speak up.”


This training program is part of the 2013 reorganization of the company to better streamline our methods and practices. Nickle is dedicated to being the premier electrical contractor in Delaware and the surrounding tri-state area. Check out our Facebook page for photos of our steadfast employees at the workshop.


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