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Back Row (l-r): Joe Habbart, Steve Dignan, Jim Wills, Tom Sulpizi, John Doyle, Kevin Sheldon

Middle Row (l-r): John Guhl, Debbie Dignan, Joey Rinarelli, Bobby Husbands, Ryan Kennedy, Dwight Nicholson, Mark Benson, Stan Twardus, Dave Schreffler

Front Row (l-r): Kris Hoffman, Jimmy Gray, Brian Morgan, Carol Cole


More than 20 Nickle Electrical employees were honored at a dinner party on November 8 at Deerfield Country Club for their long-time allegiance to the company. Personnel who have worked at Nickle for ten years or more are considered the Nickle Elite and serve as great role models to others in the industry.


“I hope to keep working [at Nickle] from now until whenever I decide to retire,” said Brian Morgan, a member of the Elite who is celebrating 20 years with the company. “One of the best things about working for Nickle is that, for a company of this size, we’ve always had all of the support and the tools we needed to get the job done. Nickle is a well-oiled machine, with support from the office, support from the delivery guys, and support from everyone around us.”


The 21 employees of the Nickle Elite have fulfilled a total of 312 years combined, equating to more than 13 million man-hours committed to Nickle Electrical.


“It brings me great pleasure to see this collective group of dedicated people celebrate their accomplishments,” said President/CEO Steve Dignan. “The loyalty these employees hold is the pillar behind Nickle’s success.”


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Steve Dignan             26 years

Debbie Dignan          22 years

Jimmy Gray               22 years

Brian Morgan            20 years

Carol Cole                  19 years

Mark Benson             18 years

Mike Frieze                16 years

Kris Hoffman             16 years

Bobby Husbands      16 years

Jim Wills                    15 years

Joe Habbart               13 years

Joey Rinarelli            13 years

Stan Twardus            13 years

Ryan Kennedy           11 years

Dave Schreffler         11 years

Kevin Sheldon           11 years

John Doyle                10 years

John Guhl                  10 years

Dwight Nicholson     10 years

Steve Poore               10 years

Tom Sulpizi               10 years


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