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Infrared Testing
Example of what an electrician sees when conducting an infrared test.

In preparation for a new year, regular maintenance should be conducted on various aspects of your home and even at work. This includes checking the batteries in your smoke detectors, organizing the clutter that’s piled up over the past year, and changing furnace filters. There’s also a lesser known preventive maintenance assessment that’s just as important for home and business owners – infrared testing.


Infrared testing evaluates the health of your building or residence. It can detect electrical problems before they cause serious complications and can prevent devastating and costly damage. According to the American Red Cross, more than $7 billion in property damage is caused by house fires each year and an average of seven people die every day from them.


An experienced electrical professional should conduct this test on an annual or bi-annual basis, so why not make it part of your New Year’s resolution?


It can be performed in all divisions of construction – residential, commercial, industrial – and on various equipment such as motors, panels and breakers, power lines, sub-stations, in-floor heating, uninterruptible power supply systems, transformers, pumps, and more.


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