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Six-year-old Christian Reyes has never been able to live at home. He’s had intense medical needs since birth and his family struggled to provide the extra care needed, both financially and physically. Christian was receiving nursing care at Exceptional Care for Children in Newark and was later placed in foster care when his condition improved. Unfortunately, his mother Patricia—who is single and works full-time with three additional kids to support—didn’t have the necessary supplies and assistance to treat him.


New Behavioral Network, a non-profit that contracts with the Division of Family Services to provide parenting education and community resources to families in need, knew they had to find a way to reunite Christian and his family. First, his mother and a secondary caretaker were trained on his specific needs (he receives one-on-one care from Bayada Home Healthcare for approximately 16 hours per day). Another step to bringing Christian home was to have all of his essential medical equipment at home. Once the machines had arrived the family and Bayada realized there wasn’t enough electrical support in the house. That’s when Katie Klingensmith, a case manager with the Parent Aide Program of NBN and wife of Mechanic Jim Klingensmith, contacted Nickle Electrical.


Electricians added three circuits and seven outlets to the home to support all of Christian’s equipment along with air conditioning. And at the end of August Christian spent his first night ever at home with his family in Wilmington.


“I can’t express how happy I am and it’s almost like a miracle,” Reyes said in a letter. “It’s like we’re starting all over again after so many years.”


Work totaling approximately $2,500 was performed at no cost and Rumsey Electric provided the material also at no cost.


“The family is very pleased with the work and grateful for Nickle’s willingness and ability to help bring their family together under one roof,” Klingensmith said. “Without Nickle’s help, Christian would remain in foster care. This is a huge step for the family and is not possible without Nickle’s help.”


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