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On March 13, Nickle Electrical reached a remarkable milestone in company history. Through continuing education classes and perpetual execution of safety procedures, Nickle employees have worked one million man-hours without a lost-time accident. It is an achievement reached thanks to the company’s dedicated personnel who work hard to keep themselves and others out of danger.


“One million hours proves that we can get the job done safely and on time,” said Nickle Safety Director Mike Anderson, CHST. “At the end of the day it’s about sending our employees home safely while keeping the company profitable.”


Within the past three years, Nickle’s experience modification rate (EMR) has been cut nearly in half to .693, lower than industry average. A company’s EMR is a comparison between payroll dollars and the value of any workers’ compensation claims—the lower the EMR, the better.


To continue successfully avoiding injuries such as shocks, burns, and falls, a Safety Plan for 2013 has been put into place. Strategies for this year’s plan include distributing a follow-up safety perception survey to all employees for feedback, written safety audits to be conducted by the Safety Department on a weekly basis, and implementing a company-wide “Stretch and Flex” program to reduce injuries on and off the job, lower medical costs, and enhance production.


“I am extremely proud of every employee’s commitment to safety and their devotion to looking out for the well-being of their co-workers,” said CEO/President Steve Dignan. “They should be proud of themselves; after all, they are the individuals that collectively worked the million hours.”


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