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A handful of Nickle Electrical employees attended a continuing education class on Tuesday dedicated to bending conduit. This practice is utilized on every job site and proper knowledge of the technique is essential to completing the task in a flawless and timely manner. The original EMT bender was invented by Jack Benfield in the late 1930s and has continued to improve in its design and operation. He’s also published a book Benfield Conduit Bending Manual (which can be purchased from Amazon here) that includes topics such as back-to-back bends, bending with hickeys, descriptions of hand bender types, and other valuable information.


IMG_1787Pictured Left-Right: Patrick Dembkowski, Joe Pergeorelis, Billy Snyder, Rodney Tate, Joe Habbart, John Zuvich, Tom Ellis, Jim Klingensmith, Nick Vavala, and Ryan Wade


Nickle recently completed work at Howard High School of Technology, a large remodeling project that totaled over $5 million in electrical work. Senior Project Manager Stan Twardus and Foreman Dave Pipher said more than 12 miles of conduit was run throughout the building. Below is an example of conduit bending that was required to accomplish the project.


conduit 1

conduit 2


Continuing education classes are provided to Nickle employees on a regular basis, ranging from safety, skill refreshers, code updates, and more.


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